Annual Report 2013

developing a clean energy hub

Bord na Móna’s Clean Energy Hub project has the potential to become a significant supplier of renewable electricity beyond Irish borders, in line with Irish and UK Government policy. Bord na Móna is in an ideal place to benefit from the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on renewable energy between the Irish and British governments.

The MOU could lead to a regulatory framework that would unlock the huge potential of Bord na Móna’s landbank for the development of large-scale wind farms to facilitate export of renewable energy directly into the British market.

Central to this new opportunity is Bord na Móna’s proposed Clean Energy Hub in the Midlands that will see wind power generated in the region directly exported into the British energy market and beyond. Bord na Móna has 80,000 hectares of land, the bulk of it in the Midlands, with large portions entering a cutaway phase in the next few years as well the company’s capability and experience in managing large-scale infrastructure projects. Additionally, Bord na Móna has a history of investing in wind energy since the early 1990s.

state of the art

The wind farms will use state of the art, streamlined and efficient wind turbines all designed to the highest health and safety environmental standards

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