Annual Report 2013

Managing Director’s Review
Business Review - Environmental Anua

Anua is a leading provider in the design, manufacture and installation of a portfolio of differentiated, sustainable technologies, offering clean air and water solutions in Europe and North America.

Innovation with a fresh approach

As Anua, we are entering an exciting new generation of innovation with a fresh approach to the way we do business. Now is the time for us to renew our efforts to preserve the natural environment, renew the way we go about developing business and to extend our involvement in sustainable resource management.

Air & Odour 
Abatement Water and 

"Despite the challenges, revenue grew by 12%, enhanced by an uplift across the odour business and a slight increase in confidence in the US market, leading to an improvement in the wastewater sector."


Construction Downturn

Anua operates in a highly challenging market environment, where its product portfolio is targeted at construction activity in the residential, commercial, municipal/utility and industrial sectors. These markets are currently depressed as a result of the macro economic environment.

Economic Recovery

Economic uncertainty is likely to continue during 2014. There is some evidence of a pick-up in certain markets we serve and we will prioritise our focus on these opportunities in the year ahead.


Sales Growth

Despite the challenges, revenue grew by 12%, enhanced by an uplift across the odour business and a slight increase in confidence in the US market, leading to an improvement in the wastewater sector. The business continued to focus on margin improvement and business consolidation during the year.

Clean Air/Water UK

Following a restructuring of the clean air business, Anua achieved significant growth in the utility and industrial segments of the market. This is supported by a strong revenue pipeline which has been secured for 2014. In the clean water sector, UK government initiatives have generated optimism for growth in the private housing sector.

Strategic Partnerships

The remodelled Anua business unit is based on the UK and Ireland being the home market, serviced from Bridgewater in the UK, and Newbridge in Ireland. Other geographical markets will be serviced remotely and, to this end, new distributor partnership arrangements have been put in place in North America and mainland Europe. These will help to drive sales growth.


Technology & Innovation

Anua places a strong commitment and considerable emphasis on identification and development of new and existing clean air and clean water technologies. This will ensure that Anua maintains a competitive advantage and meets the markets’ changing environmental and customer challenges.

Customer Service

The business will continue to improve the quality of its customer support and service capability. In doing so, Anua will demonstrate its operational and field service excellence in all the markets it serves.

Regulatory Engagement

Anua is required to stay abreast of the ever-changing regulatory environmental dynamics in its different markets. This requires participation with a wide range of regulatory stakeholders, including the European WG41 committee which formulates testing policy and procedures for CEN (European Committee for Standardization) certification of wastewater treatment products. The committee comprises members of Irish Water Treatment Association, British Water, and Rainwater Harvesting Association in the UK. In the US, the regulatory stakeholders include National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Joint Committee for Wastewater Treatment, and Virginia Sewer Advisory Committee.