Annual Report 2013

Our Business Story

Bord na Móna was initially established to develop Ireland’s peat resources for the economic benefit of the State. Today the company operates a diversified portfolio across five main business areas serving markets in Ireland as well as Britain, mainland Europe and North America. These business activities are based on both peat and non-peat products and services and principally cover the power, resource recovery, horticulture, home heating and air and water treatment sectors.



Peat from the company’s 80,000 hectares of peatlands continues to be the main feedstock for the powergen and horticultural growing media sectors, as well as for the manufacture of peat briquettes. A relatively small amount is also used as a biofiltration medium in the clean air and clean water businesses.



Bord na Móna has been progressively diversifying away from its traditional peat-based business and now trades in coal, oil, and composted biowaste, collects and processes municipal and commercial waste arisings, provides clean air and clean water treatment products and generates electricity from biomass, wind
and distillate oil.