Annual Report 2013

Our Vision

A New Contract With Nature


Our Mission

Bord na Móna will continue to fully utilise its peatland resources to create value in order to develop a portfolio of sustainable infrastructure in Ireland, to support customers’ requirements for renewable energy, water and resource recovery, whilst driving profitability and shareholder return.

We can achieve this because of our strategic land bank, reputation, development expertise and strategic partnerships.


Our Values


We live in an ever-evolving landscape. We feel that knowing when it is time to innovate and when it is time to consolidate is a core skill. We believe in adopting a curious mind and encouraging our team to explore all possibilities in our search for more efficient solutions. We believe nothing should be overlooked or wasted.


We believe in our people. We believe in a ‘one team’ ethos driving our business forward. One team of experts, speaking in consistent voice and opening up dialogues with customers and communities on many different levels.


We are proud of our past. Experience has taught us that only through a greater understanding of our natural resources can we seek to offer more sustainable solutions to all who engage with us. We listen to planet and people, in equal measure, for it is through a common appreciation of what is desired and what is possible that we will achieve real progress.